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Originally published in August 1997 by the Presidio Alliance, and continually updated through March 2003, the Directory is published in print and on line, and includes listings for Park Partners and public contact offices of the National Park Service in the Golden Gate National Parks, and non-residential tenants of the Presidio Trust.

The National Park Service operates a web site covering the Golden Gate National Parks—including the Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Mason, and 30 other park sites within a 75,400-acre area—at, with a link to this web site for its directory of Park Partners and NPS public contact offices.

The Presidio Trust's new online directory of Presidio tenants at began operation on March 17, 2003, with 72 of 150 tenants listed. It is not yet fully operational. Improvements may be expected in the near future.

Copies of the current Directory are usually available at some visitor centers of the Golden Gate National Parks and at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio. The Winter 2002-03 edition, a downloadable 2.3-Mb Adobe Acrobat PDF color version of the complete book of 36 pages (last updated March 18, 2003), is available in the Online publications and services section below. The Summer 2003 edition, with the new title Directory / The Golden Gate National Parks / Including the Presidio of San Francisco, Fort Mason, … and Tomales Bay, will be available in June.

The Golden Gate National Parks

Park Partners and National Park Service public contact offices in the Golden Gate National Parks. For other NPS offices, see the PDF edition of the Directory (Online publications and services, below).

The Presidio of San Francisco

Non-residential tenants of the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service in the Presidio are listed at

See also the updated and downloadable PDF print edition of the Directory, or its online searchable version here, for tenants not included in the Presidio Trust's directory.

Fort Mason Center

Nonprofit organizations based at Fort Mason Center, listed at

Online publications and services

The Directory in color, updated through March 18, 2003, in downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format (2.4 Mb).

Maps, historical publications, public information sources, and current public program notices.

Contacts, credits

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