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German Shepherd puppies are so cute you won't be able to resist bringing one home as a pet. One day your cute little fella is going to be a big energetic dog. You will need to think about German Shepherd puppy training.

As a breed, German Shepherds are famous for their intelligence, nobility, cleverness, strength and, above all, loyalty.Originally developed as a sheep herding dog, they are renowned as one of the great working dog breeds. Because of their strength and intelligence, you will often find German Shepherds as trusted members of police and defence forces the world over.

The trait of loyalty makes a German Shepherd an excellent companion and protector of home and family.

But how do you make sure that your cute puppy turns into an obedient, loyal and trusted member of your family?

First it is important to remember that, as with any working dog breedswhethersheepdogs, beagles or bird dogsa bored German Shepherd can become a problem. They can become cranky and agitated if not dealt with the German Shepherd can become a danger. Apparently, you do not want the situation to get to that point. So remember, German Shepherd puppies grow into aggressive dogs and need strong leadership from their owner or master.

Training your German Shepherd puppy will be time-intensive, but it is worth investing the time and energy. A good relationship between dog and owner is the basis of successful training. Your dog will learn whether they can trust you or not. If your German Shepherd is fearful of you, then you will end up with a naughty dog. So the first thing is for your dog to learn to trust you.

One mistake that some owners make is to think that they need to show that they are in charge an aggressive way. Avoid this at all costs and you will soon discover that trust and obedience will be the fruit of kindness and consistency.How soon should you start your German Shepherd puppy training?

The answer to this, most experts agree, is as fast as you want them to start. This changes because German Shepherds, of all dog breeds, will become dominant if they don't have a top dog' to follow. And you are the top dog', so you have to act like it. At this point, your German Shepherd puppy will be learning its place in your family and will keenly observe the way in which you interact with others in the household.As top dog' your German Shepherd will take its cues from you. Again your chance to socialize your puppy. As mentioned, German Shepherd Puppy training is time-intensive, so you have to be aware of what you are doing and how you are treating your puppy at all times. Your puppy will react positively to consistent treatment.

Because of their much-vaunted intelligence, German Shepherd puppies, develop their cognitive abilities through play. Taking your dog to a park or puppy play area where there is plenty of room to throw a Frisbee or a tennis ball will give you and your puppy the opportunity to bond.

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Also, it's an excellent opportunity for your dog to become used to other dogs. Again, your puppy will take its cues from you. So how you behave in these situations will be critical if you are tense, stressed or frightened, chances are your dog will become that way too.At other times, going for long walks on a leash will be a good way to instil some leash training. Being clear to your puppy when to start, stop, walk and slow down will help you dog to come to understand what the leash is for and not to fear it.

Treats are an excellent way to encourage and reward good behaviour but do not go overboard. Praise and lots of affectionate pats are just as important. The last thing that you want is for your puppy to become so dependent on a treat that they will only behave when a treat is on offer.

Try to remain calm at all times, whether you are giving your puppy a command, playing in the park, walking on a leash or giving a command - as top dog' your puppy will imitate your behaviour, and a calm dog is much easier to teach than a wild one. If your dog does become over-excited, it is best to employ the stay' command to slow things down.

Suitable periods of exercise will ensure that your puppy is not bored, and of course, exercise is imperative for your dog's overall health, whether they are a puppy or full-grown. Still, go without saying for any breed of dog, but for working dog breeds this is crucial.Why choose formal German Shepherd puppy training?

Experts suggest commencing formal training somewhere between eight and twenty weeks. The time when bad habits, which if not corrected, can become problems and much harder to deal with at a later stage. Also, the optimum time for your puppy to learn how to take its place in your household.

Think of this as a kindergarten for German Shepherd puppies. Together you and your puppy will learn how to accomplish a whole range of activities in a calm way: walk on a lead, sit, stand, lie down, and even to wait patiently.And a great bonus for you, the owner, many of these puppy kindergartens' will offer information on nutrition, general health and how to house-train your German Shepherd puppy. They will also deal with any naughty puppy behavior such as play biting and digging up the garden.

Why not find a German Shepherd Club? There is bound to be one in your area where you can get together with other German Shepherd owners who will love to share their experience and expertise with you.


For more information on dog training and handling behavior, as well as a plethora of how-to for advanced training and obedience work (very handy for all breeds!) take a look at Doggy Dan $1 Trail: It's packed full of valuable information, straight from the mouth of a professional dog-trainer.

Dog Obedience Training Headquarters encourages readers to leave comments below. Your feedback will help in finding possible solutions for your beloved dog.

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